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Christian Pauly
Thumbs Up
Absolutely no problems, and always the good feeling, that i dont have to worry about the splines any more. One day, we were going by engine against current and strong winds out of the "Stör lock", one of those moments, where you definitely dont want an engine failure. It felt really good. The engine runs a bit smoother at idle and at very low revs. It sounds "less hard, more - smooth is probably the best word i know". Apart that you dont feel a tremendous difference, but that was also not the main motivation. We did about 7hr on engine all in all so far, and i am absolutely happy. Thanks a lot ! And my compliments to the engineer for the technically convincing solution.
Eric Boyum
Thumbs Up
I am the owner operator of the 50’ charter boat, “Great Bear II”. We operate on the central and northern waters of the British Columbia coast. I went looking for a better solution to drive plate failures after losing one of my main engines for that exact reason. I found out about the Sure-Drive replacement and am I ever glad I did! The installation was easy and strait forward and support was immediate and just a phone call away when I had questions about my installation. I love the “ get home” capability of the driveplate even if the dampeners ever did fail. The shifting is much smoother and quieter. I have already recommended the SureDrive to a friend in the log salvage business and he is also impressed! mv. “Great Bear II”, twin 4-53 Detroit Diesel/ Borg Warner 72C, 3:1/ 28”x22” 3 blade.

Gregg Best
Better Fishing Company
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About two years ago we repowered our prawn/crab vessel Silver Swift with a larger engine. We wanted to keep the same transmission but were challenged by the fact that the new engine would not mate to the transmission without an adaptor. Adaptors were hard to find and hard to get quickly and we were trying to get the vessel back out fishing as quickly as possible. We contacted Next Wave and they were able to build an adaptor with the sure-drive system and get us back out fishing within a week. We have been operating the vessel with no drive problems. We are very pleased with Next Wave for their interest and effort in this project. We also had some custom marine machining done by Next Wave that was flawless. Good People, Good Products.

Charles Canby
Santa Clara Island, Avalon, California
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I work as a port engineer for a large company on Santa Catalina Island that operates seven sight-seeing excursion and glass bottom boats that go through considerable wear and tear. The dampener plates on one boat (Detroit Diesel 3-53's with Borg Warner 71 C's) wore out in 700 hours and another boat (Detroit Diesel 4-71's with Borg Warner 72 CR's) wore in about 2500 hours. I was buying dampener plates four at a time! The Suredrive had two outstanding features that sold me. First, the Suredrive had rubber drive blocks as a replacement for the springs. Second, the spline portion of the Suredrive was designed to lock onto the teeth of the transmission. I was so impressed that I immediately purchased two Suredrives and have since bout two more.

David E. Hays
Ketchikan, Alaska
Thumbs Up
DAVID E HAYS, KETCHIKAN ALASKA, USA WOW!! What a difference --- I backed out of my slip as I'd done so many times before, shifted to neutral, cranked the wheel, and put her in forward.. Nothing Happened !!! I was about to go into panic mode, thinking I was going to crash into the row of boats behind me when I realized I was indeed moving forward.. It just happened without the customary -- clunk -- I was accustomed to.. Thank You for such an improvement.

Gene Maffucci
Marshal California
Thumbs Up
I have used your Suredrive coupler for 15 years. I have not even looked at the drive since I put it in. The original drive plate would fall apart every couple of years. Herring fish involves constant shifting. Suredrive doesn't care how much shifting I do. Some of the best money I ever spent on the boat was for your drive coupler. F/V Vivian.

Tony Athens
Thumbs Up
Suredrive™ offers a lifetime coupling based upon the proven RBD design, has just enough controlled “wind-up”, but is very limited in the selection of coupling it can replace. It is, hands down, the very BEST replacement for the VULKAN or “VL style couplings”. If you currently have a ZF 301C, 301 PL, 301A or ZF/IRM 301VLD or ZF302IV series marine transmission then the Suredrive™ is a true “Plug & Play” never think about it again replacement.