Hidramech Marine Transmission


After 10 years of research and field testing under extreme conditions which included the Alaskan fishing grounds, we are making our first model available. The Hidramech is suitable for displacement or semi-displacement vessels up to 40 feet in length with propulsion engines up to 250 HP with a RPM range to 3000.

We have two high demand fishing vessels in service:

#1 Installation

A 38 ft troller, gillnetter and long line vessel) powered by a 4 cylinder John Deere, turbo after/cooled propulsion engine. Both engine and Hidramech were both installed new. There are over 9000 hrs of long distance travel/fishing time logged, working in Alaska. 100% service on both engine and transmission with a repair expense for the propulsion system being 0$.

#2 Installation

A 42 ft purpose built prawn harvesting boat. The refit included rebuild 3116 Cat Turbocharged engine and Hidramech Marine Transmission. The transmission found this niche application in the prawn fishery. It allows engine RPM to be constant at 2000 RPM. Transmission engagement and the approach of the target buoy, is under full power and instantly reversible to spot the vessel for trip return/pickup. The installation is nearing 6000 hrs with 100% service satisfaction plus a substantial fuel savings.

Experience shows that commercial application for watercraft reliability, vessel utilization, extension of engine life, reduction of the size of the propulsion engine required and reducing operating costs on maintenance and fuel could be very attractive when the Hidramech does all of the above. This transmission is stacked with exciting features, which are not attainable with the traditional fixed gear ratio marine transmission. The only commonality between the Hidramech and the fixed ratio gearbox is that they are both located in between the engine and the propeller shaft flange. NextWave Marine systems Inc. is taking this opportunity to unveil some of the most obvious benefits of the Hidramech Marine Transmission:

  • Seamlessly variable speed rotational capability i.e. forward and reverse
  • Instantaneous/Safe Reversing: Engines can rev. up to maximum revs (no load) and the transmission safe engagement can be obtained in both directions
  • Ultra low speed capability: transmission can turn at 1 revolution to full revolutions without changing the engine rev. setting
  • Eliminates Trolling Valve: Due to the variable speed capability of the Hidramech a desirable vessel speed can be obtained effortlessly with this transmission
  • Easy Integration: The traditional transmission output shaft arrangements which are: input and output is inline, drop center (with numerous drops), angle drop output and V Drives (with many angles). On the other hand the drive unit of the Hidramech is a compact cylindrical unit, which will mate to any shaft layout eliminating the need for the above mentioned transmission. Selection and installation is straight forward
  • Simplified Alignment: The only alignment is that of the drive unit output flange to the propeller shaft flange. The location of the engine is arbitrarily in relation to the drive unit. The propeller thrust load is also eliminated from the engine
  • Improved Fuel Economy and Engine Life: The Hidramech allows the engine to operate at the optimum rev torque range for cruising or heavy demanding work. The vessel speed is varied by the transmission. It saves fuel and extends the life of the propulsion engine
  • Retrofitable: To retrofit a vessel equipped with twin shafts, one engine is sufficient to power two totally independently operated propeller shafts, to save space and dollars
  • Maintenance: NO clutches

For more information on the Hidramech Marine Transmission or any questions pertaining to other marine propulsion systems, please contact us